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[sticky post] Are you Catholic?

And are you here because someone pointed you to this blog as proof of a ridiculous claim you couldn't believe?  Are you here to find out the truth for yourself? If so, I invite you to go back and read to understand the full spiritual journey that I have been on and see the transformation for yourself.  As I began this journal in 2002 I had been a cradle catholic that became a practicing Jew.  Continuing on, I became a pagan. Then, as my father began a slow and painful death, I was called back to the Catholic Church.  I have not missed a Sunday (except for illness) since that August day when Mary called me to conversion of my life.  Read for yourself. Dont let others bear false witness. Stand up, as It is the harder thing to do.  Ask yourself, what would Jesus do? 

Gazetteer Urban Farmstead Edition - July 17

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There is nothing more satisfying than holding a cuppa joe in your hand and watching your chickens go to town on the sugar ants in the yard. I've had very little pest issues in the garden since the girls came to stay. Slugs? A delicacy. Sugar ants? Just like caviar...

The front yard is on my agenda. It is chicken free and the hostas need to be moved there. I have had to cover them with hardware cloth this season. The chickens and i had a disagreement over them. They thought the hostas bed was a perfect salad bar. I did not.

I will be ordering about five cubic yards of Tagro to be delivered this week and getting another bale of hay. I have enough cardboard in the garage to cover the strip and more. Permaculture attack on the lower yard, the "parking strip" will go into full effect. This is the time of year when veggie starts are all dying out and on discount. I have found that they are simply root bound and in dire need of fertile soil. With just those two things, they'll take right off. Now, all i need is a chainsaw to get rid of that damned tree in front. I have a plum tree ready to take its place...yes I know it is supposedly illegal to put edible fruit trees in the parking strip. However, i can simply point to the edible fruit tree the town put in next door...The grafted section now produces real fruit. This may be happening all over Tacoma. Hah!

The tomatoes have finally started to set some fruit. It only took a week or so of mild evening temperatures.

I picked up some pickle buckets from the MSM yesterday. They need cleaning out but they were free and they are perfect for wine making. Noe to get another flat of Strawberries...if possible. It was a bad season. The flat i did buy were all terribly tiny and amazingly red through and through. They went mostly in my mouth and on spinach salad.

Row covers are in order for the delicate plants in back. The afternoon heat is insane and all the lettuces are bolting like mad. The pepper cress and spinach seem to be doing ok, as are the arugula but the new lettuces i planted were accidentally scratched away by Bess when she found herself in over the barrier and trampling my arugula. I plucked her out but not brfore she'd scratched the ground where the lettuces should have been.

Its time to start planning the fall and winter gardens.

Gazetteer July 16

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In which more experimenting with plant based dieting continues...

No, I really dont plan to go vegan. For one thing, I have backyard chickens. For another thing, I like cream in my coffee. However, aside from the occassional beef or bison burger and summer BBQing, my digestive system can't really tolerate too much beef. Meatball? I make delicious and perfect meatballs. I like chicken. I like lamb. I like to bbq goat. I am an omnivore. So, when I went to King's Books for a cookbook that would offer me interesting low fat recipes the vegan cookbook, Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, would have been the last book I would explore. Right?

Truthfully, i look at vegan cuisine as a good option for teaching me alternative dietary substitutions for my lactose intolerance which has suddenly become unbearable. What lactose intolerance? Aren't you a committed and affirmed cheese-a-holic? Yes. I stopped eating cheese sometime last winter. Suddently, i no longer suffered from debilitating stomach aches and my body fat started dropping. Also, my face, feet, and hands were no longer puffy. So, rhis makes me mostly cheeseless. I can do some goat and sheep cheese but i try not to have overly processed cheese of any sort. Thr fresher the cheese, the less gadtric distress. Enough about my stomach issues,

Last night i made an insanely delicious meal in which the main course was something that was supposed to be lasagna. It was a layered baked casserole with garlic and pasta sauce as well as no-bake lasagna noodles but it was not, as Thom said, most definitely not lasagna. I will attempt to post that on the food blog over at But let me sum it up by saying that i dont know why roasted cauliflower is being used as a cheese substitute but its pure genius.

That Thelma Lou!

This is public and this is why...

Because one brave soul finally came to tell me why the parish council of my former parish told my PRIEST to tell me not to participate any longer in anything. This brave soul came to tell me, more out of sympathy for not being told and out of SHAME for her parish's part in this. And the reason was... 


Because, I... am a witch.

Yeah, you heard it here first! LOL! 

If I had not been so dumbfounded and speechless I might have laughed until I couldn't breathe. I almost double checked the calendar.


Talk amongst yourselves. This was a whopper, right?

You know, people go through spiritual journeys. When you return to the Catholic Church, you go through a class and part of that class is to go to reconciliation. You know, where you reconcile and ask for forgiveness. Your parish priest and you sit down and go through your shit and help you feel a part of the Church again, because that is what you want, not because that is what others are forcing on you. I wasn't forced to go back to the church or go through any process. It's a process that I went through happily because I really wanted it, because I love being part of the Catholic Church. I didn't just show up back at Church one day and integrate myself and pretend I'd been going all along. It was a year long process. People need to mind their own business. Stop being destructive and get on with your own lives. 

Thank you to the people who were part of this witch hunt. What great Christians you are. Good on ya!

Maybe you should have read that Reconciliation pamphlet before you sent it to my house, hypocrites. 

I'm annoyed at you, LJ

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I cannot figure out why my account suddenly posts in Russian nor will it block spam comments. And really? I've not renewed my paid status because I rarely come here much anymore. It seems as though I should blog more but I'm blogging less and less lately.

Pondering how to remedy this.

Ever since that deranged woman printed and mailed my LJ mock play out to everyone I knew I've locked my stuff down tighter and tighter which is why I am puzzled at the My Tweets in Russian. I think I may have to disconnect the tweets to this journal in general.

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